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Bathroom Machineries is a little, itty bitty antique plumbing firm located in the Sierra Nevada foothills in a Gold Rush-era town called Murphys.  We deal in Pre 1960 plumbing and specialize in pre 1960 Crane sanitaryware.  We are also the US distributor for Thomas Crapper and Co, a British firm recreating some of the best european fixtures known.  Check out our main site,

Not only do we sell antique and reproduction plumbing fixtures, but we also do repair and restoration of antique fixtures.  Many types of plumbing apparatus are no longer made, and often all one can do is restore the original part.  Very few companies have the know-how (and the lathes) to make this happen.

Yes, we work (and live, it seems) in a1890’s retired IOOF hall that has interesting things happening in it.  Yes, we have ghost hunters coming through on a regular basis.  Many of the employees have seen or heard things they cannot explain.  We call him “joe”….  Seriously.

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