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Plumbing and destructive children

November 21, 2011

We hear this all too often!  My kid (grumble, grumble) dropped/hit/kicked/climbed up on our priceless antique pedestal sink/toilet/tub.  We are here to help (and sympathise).  My own daughter (known as the “Peanut of Destruction”) has, in 7 short years, taken out 1 1950’s Standard Cadet toilet, plugged the 1950’s Crane Oxford when Barbie needed to take a swim, and damaged innumerable doors, trim and other pieces of furniture throughout my 1950’s bungalow. 

Just today, we got a e-mail from a customer looking for a 1920’s vintage Durock tank lid after the 3 year old twins decided to take a look inside the tank…  Ouch!

I’m seriously considering making bubble wrap suits for the kids to protect the house….  but then there’s that whole breathing thing.  Eventually we’re going to run out of 5 panel doors and antique lids.  Sure, the kids are cute, but….

How does one fix this?  Got any ideas?  E-mail us at and tell us your story!


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