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Lydia 2.0 toilet coming along

October 18, 2011

Hello to all the vintage plumbing freaks out there!

Work on our second version Lydia toilet is coming along!  We finally received photographic proof that the mold is done, and samples are being prepared for our inspection when we are in China during the next few weeks.  From the pictures, things are looking good!  Take a look at the tank!

The tank is fresh out of the mold, and has not been either glazed or fired as of yet.  Still, we like what we see.   We’re not seeing the slumps and warps that plagued our earlier Lydias.  It’s disheartening when one has to throw away 2/3rds of a containerload of porcelain.  These look to be far better!

Here’s the bowl;

Sure, one can see the seams, but that gets rubbed out before the toilet gets to the kiln.  The things we’re worried about are sags and cracks, and those are not apparent.  If it flushes as well as it looks, we will be happy campers!

By the way, we have a secret!  We’re currently working on a prototype urinal based on a 1940’s design.  This particular urinal has not been made since the early 1960’s, and whenever we get one, it quickly sells.  Here’s a picture of the last one we had;

We’re hoping to have these in production by mid 2012.  Cool, huh?  Stay tuned, we’ll post more as we get the info!


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One Comment
  1. Garyesue Hooper permalink

    Do you have any seconds of any Lydia toilet?

    Currently remodeling bathroom. Need right hand flush.

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